Anomalous Object/Entity/Location Number: AOEL-737

Difficulty of Containment: Low

Danger Level: Low

Containment Protocol: A security guard has been stationed in front of the entrance to AOEL-737 to prevent entry.

Anomaly Description: AOEL-737 is a standard small containment chamber in OCS-13. Other than its anomalous properties, it has no distinct features.

AOEL-737 has anomalous effects on individuals inside it. Upon entering the object, subjects universally report feelings of guilt and dread. In addition, individuals who remain inside the object for more than one minute will associate the name “Shelby Cameron” with it. The significance of this name is unclear, as no individual with it has ever been a member of or associated with the AOEL Society.

AOEL-737’s anomalous properties were discovered when the AOEL Society attempted to use it to contain an anomalous object. AOEL-737 was constructed before the AOEL Society had an anomalous object to contain within it, and it was unused for a period of approximately two years as a result. When members of the AOEL Society entered AOEL-737 to prepare it for the containment of an anomalous object, its anomalous properties were noticed, and the current containment protocol was established shortly thereafter.

Several items were found inside AOEL-737, including mood stabilizers, atypical antipsychotics, atypical antidepressants, and an electroconvulsive therapy device. These items were found to be non-anomalous, but it is not known how they came to be inside the object, as no individuals were seen entering or exiting it prior to the AOEL Society’s attempt to use it to contain an anomalous object.

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