Item #: SCP-113

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-113 is to be stored in a standard containment chamber at Site-329 secured within a 1m3 hermetically sealed glass case. The containment chamber must be equipped with airtight doors and an airlock system to prevent accidental contact with SCP-113. Only personnel with Level 3 clearance or higher are permitted to enter the containment chamber. Any experimentation involving SCP-113 requires the approval of the Site Director and must be conducted under strict supervision.

Potential medical uses of SCP-113 are pending further review and guideline establishment. The following have been established as protean criteria for body transplantation, and should not be regarded as definitive or complete:

Category Criteria Description/Considerations
Medical Neurological Compatibility The brains should be similar in size and structure, to ensure functionality after the transplant.
Medical Immunological Compatibility The bodies should have compatible memotic frameworks to prevent memeplex rejections, much like current organ transplantation criteria with blood type.
Medical Physiological Compatibility Factors like body size, organ size and general health of the body should be considered.
Psychological Identity and Self Perception The individual's psychological perception of themselves (such as gender identity, age, etc.) should align with the new body.
Psychological Mental Health Stability The individual should be mentally prepared and stable enough to undergo the profound change that comes with a body swap.
Ethical Informed Consent Both individuals involved must fully understand the process and implications and give informed consent without coercion.
Ethical Exploitation Prevention There must be safeguards in place to ensure that no person is being exploited or pressured into a body swap, particularly those in vulnerable situations.
Ethical Legal Considerations Guidelines must be established to determine legal responsibility in the event of a crime or dispute.
Philosophical Consideration of Selfhood There should be an acknowledgment and understanding of the philosophical debate surrounding the notion of selfhood and identity in relation to a new body.
Philosophical Longevity and Natural Lifespan Considerations should be made about the implications of potentially prolonging life beyond a "natural" lifespan and the existential issues this raises.

Current guidelines and best practices for body transplantation also encourage the completion of purely medical and psychological therapies prior to anomalous therapies, both for reasons of minimal invasion, and also in order to minimize the amount of patient duress in their consent for transplantation.

Description: SCP-113 is an irregularly shaped rock of raw jasper with a length of approximately 15 cm. The rock is predominantly grey with multicolored flecks, but transitions to a deep, polished red at its highest point. When two or more individuals come into direct physical contact with SCP-113 simultaneously, they experience an instantaneous exchange of consciousness. This phenomenon, designated as SCP-113-A, results in the complete transfer of each individual's consciousness into the other's body. The transfer appears to be permanent, with no known method of reversing the process.

Addendum 113-1: Discovery

SCP-113 was discovered on 04/17/2018, during a routine excavation at a classified underground research facility located in Zurich, Switzerland. The site and its adjacent rock quarry had been tagged by Foundation algorithms as likely having anomalous acquisitions available for discovery and extraction that were previously unavailable due to technological constraints. The artifact was identified as a rare geological specimen, but its anomalous properties were revealed when two researchers, Dr. Luther Luminax and Dr. Harvey Johnson, inadvertently touched the object simultaneously, causing an immediate SCP-113-A event. The incident was reported to Site-329, and a sample of the object was transported for containment and further study.

The following attachment was recorded on field equipment and auto-transcripted:

Addendum 113-2: Experiment Log

Experiment 113-A-1
Subject A: D-1293 (male, 29 years old)
Subject B: D-3572 (female, 21 years old)
Procedure: Both subjects were instructed to touch SCP-113 at the same time.
Results: Subjects A and B experienced an SCP-113-A event. Subject A's consciousness was transferred to Subject B's body, and vice versa. Both subjects displayed confusion and distress upon realizing the change. Psychological evaluations revealed that their memories, personality traits, and cognitive abilities remained intact within their new bodies.

The following attachment was recorded on field equipment and auto-transcripted:

Research efforts were subsequently focused on discovering a reversal method.

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Addendum 113-3: Incident 113-1

On ██/██/20██, an unsanctioned experiment was conducted by Dr. Luminax. A week prior, a medical biopsy of Dr. Johnson's resulted, confirming a Grade IV glioblastoma2 and he was given weeks to live. This medical report was sent to Dr. Luminax while in Dr. Johnson's body, resulting in a HIPAA violation.3 Dr. Luminax recruited Dr. Johnson4 and a D-class personnel, and instructed them to touch SCP-113 while he held it in his hands. The results were unexpected, leading to a containment breach.

Dr. Luminax, along with the two other subjects, experienced an SCP-113-A event. However, instead of reversing the previous consciousness exchange, the event caused a three-way exchange, resulting in all involved consciousnesses being partially transferred into one another.

Upon realizing the unintended consequences of the experiment, Dr. Luminax, now one-third in a new D-class body, experienced a significant emotional breakdown. The containment breach alarm was triggered, and Site security was dispatched to contain SCP-113, apprehend the participants, and re-secure the containment chamber.

Following the containment breach, all affected personnel underwent a thorough psychological evaluation. Dr. Luminax, now partially the body of a female D-class, shared his experiences for research purposes.

Dr. Luminax: "This experience has given me a newfound empathy for those who suffer from gender dysphoria or struggle with their gender identity. The feeling of being trapped in a body that does not align with one's self-perception is disorienting and distressing… and I am only at a mere fraction of the potential severity. Although I have always approached SCP-113 from a clinical perspective, this incident has highlighted the emotional and psychological toll that such a condition can have on individuals. Moving forward, I am committed to exploring the potential therapeutic applications of SCP-113 while ensuring the safety and ethical considerations of all involved."

Upon the completion of further testing and containment reinforcement, the affected staff members, including Dr. Luminax, were returned to their original bodies using SCP-113. Dr. Johnson passed away 8 days later. A personal note from Dr. Luminax has been included in the file.

Dr. Luminax: "I cannot express the profound impact this experience has had on me, both as a researcher and as a human being. I now understand, to some extent, the daily struggles and emotional turmoil. I promise to carry this empathy with me in my future work, and I hope that one day, our research can provide relief and support for those who need it most."

[Audio Log End]

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Addendum 113-5: Ongoing Research

Following the successful reversal of all body swaps caused by SCP-113 after Incident 113-1, Dr. Luminax submitted a proposal to the Ethics Committee to explore the potential therapeutic applications of SCP-113 for individuals experiencing gender dysphoria. The proposal was approved under strict guidelines and with ongoing oversight.

Dr. Luminax arranged a meeting with Subject B to discuss the possibility of using SCP-113 in a controlled, therapeutic setting.

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Addendum 113-6: Post-Therapeutic Interview with Subject B

Following the approved therapeutic use of SCP-113 between Dr. Luminax and Subject B, a log was created to document recorded statements from Subject B regarding their experiences post-body change.

Following review of the log, the Ethics Committee has initiated a review of the approved therapeutic use of SCP-113 and its potential impact on subjects like Subject B. Additional research and oversight will be required to assess the safety, efficacy, and ethical implications of the treatment.

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Addendum 113-7: Interview with Subject B and Dr. Luminax

4 months after submitting a request for a meeting with Dr. Luminax, Subject B is granted the opportunity to speak with the doctor they body-swapped with. The interview takes place in a secure, monitored room within the facility.

Following the interview, the Ethics Committee has launched an investigation into Dr. Luminax's conduct and the potential abuse of SCP-113 for personal gain. The wellbeing of Subject B and other affected individuals will be closely monitored, and appropriate actions will be taken to mitigate any harm caused by the SCP-113 therapy.

The following attachment was recorded on field equipment and auto-transcripted:

Note: A post-hoc analysis of the events of this document show a correlation between Subject B's dysphoria post-transplant and Dr. Luminax's fluid gender identities.

Addendum 113-8: Final Audio Log - Reversal of SCP-113 Effects

Per the Ethics Committee's decision and in accordance with "The Testing Rights of D-Class Personnel Statement," the effects of SCP-113 between Subject B and the now-former Dr. Luminax are to be reversed. Dr. Luminax has been stripped of his positions and credentials, and is scheduled for amnestic treatment and dismissal from the Foundation's employment.

Following the incident, Subject B was provided with appropriate psychological support and monitoring. The use of SCP-113 for therapeutic purposes is currently under review, pending the outcome of the Ethics Committee's investigation into the events surrounding Dr. Luminax's actions and the potential risks and benefits associated with its application.

The following attachment was recorded on field equipment and auto-transcripted:

The only thing constant is change.

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